Check out some of our past rehearsals and performances to get a sense of our style. Please contact us if you have any questions or booking requests.


Musica Marin 2018 – “The Auld Triangle”

We performed “The Auld Triangle” as part of our set at Musica Marin 2018. This song showcases each of our voices individually as we each perform solo verses interleaved with joint choruses.

Musica Marin Rehearsal

This is a short clip of our rehearsal for the inaugural Musica Marin chamber music festival in September 2018, featuring “Hello Mary Lou” as arranged by Ricky Nelson.

Musica Marin Drone Footage

Our friend Kevin at filmed and edited this awesome clip filmed from a drone and paired with our performance of “Stay With Me”

Cerro Vista Jazz Fest – Cecilia

In late 2018, we performed at Cal Poly’s Cerro Vista Jazz Fest. This is our rendition of “Cecilia” by Simon & Garfunkel